Engineering Expo 2018 in “Smart Society” theme

From the past two Engineering Expo exhibition. We are always present various and modern technology and innovations that get well-supported by technology leaders and the leading universities in Thailand who’s exhibit their works in this exhibition and also have a great feedback from entrepreneur,

university and visitors to make our organizer realize about the need and importance of technology which is close to everyone so the Engineering Expo 2018 exhibition in “Smart Society” concept happened.

This Engineering Expo 2018 exhibition is the third time organized in “Smart Society” theme. Due to the world is now coming into a "borderless" era we will start to see a picture of innovation more clearly including leading-edge technology that involved and be the key role in our lives and comprehensive our lifestyle from waking up until going to sleep. The lifestyle of the new generation using technology to increase quality of everyday life and up to date potential business operation whether it is management, transportation, reducing costs and centralized control that increase performance with highly flexibility. Living as Smart Life concept can help us manage everything around to get more perfectly and change the difficult thing getting easier with increase convenience and safety for everyone in society. So there are 5 groups of technology and innovation that related to our lives, namely Smart Food industrial, Smart Health & Medical, Smart Living, Smart Digital technology and Smart Creative in this exhibition which are according to the policy “Thailand 4.0” of Government.