“Material Moving Machine: MMM”


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Academic inventions contest of “Material Moving Machine: MMM” have rewards for the academic inventions contest as following:


Academic inventions contest of “Material Moving Machine: MMM”


1st prize  award 100,000 baht total 1 prize
2nd prize  award 30,000 baht total 1 prize
3rd prize  award 10,000 baht total 3 prize

How to apply the contest

The contestant must be the graduate student who studying in Faculty of Engineering of Educational Institution in Thailand with Student Status Certificate approved by their educational institution. The contestant of "Material Moving Machine: MMM" must consist at least 2 students and not more than 5 students.


Please see the basic requirements of workings that will submit to the contest as following:

  • Must be a vehicle, machine or any device that movable.
  • Can transporting, carrying or taking the materials, documents or any items from the source to the destination.
  • Can be move by one-axis, two-axis, triple-axis or on the rails or any specific path.
  • Controlled with or without human by remote control or another.
  • Not specified type of energy to use to driving.
  • Not specified size and shape.
  • Be within in the scope meaning of "Material Moving Machine: MMM" topic. 


Judging criteria for the first round rating on the defined topics as following:

Will select 10 workings for the first round of selection

  • 20% for creativity (Concept)
  • 10% for techniques used
  • 10% for stylishness appearance
  • 10% for the placement of the components in workings (Form Factor)
  • 10% for easy to use (User Friendly)
  • 10% for safety to use
  • 10% for presentation of clarity, accuracy and completeness of the details of workings
  • 20% for commercial feasibility (Advantage)


For the second round (award judging round) will have 5 workings won (from the first round)

  • 40% for performance (overall) to transporting, carrying or taking the materials
  • 30% for durable stability of operation
  • 30% for maintenance



1) Each topic will have scores in five levels. The judge will give scores for each topic and multiply with percents assigned to the defined topic then it will collect as a total score.

2) The judgment will be the rights of “Material Moving Machine: MMM” contest manager. Contest manager reserve the rights of judging result.


Submission and judgment schedule

  • Register within March 31st, 2017 through the defined website it will be announced soon. https://www.facebook.com/pg/WKF.Wise/posts/
  • Deadline for academic inventions contest submissions within September 15, 2560 and the workings must be a complete work piece. Please send the documentation in file format type with the video to show while the workings is operating. Uploaded through the defined website https://www.facebook.com/pg/WKF.Wise/posts/, which will be announce later. The first round selection no need to submit the actual works (The intent and description of the presentation is very important).
  • Announce the results of first round selection total 10 workings within October 15, 2560.
  • The contestant whose pass the first round selection total 10 workings have to present the actual works in front of the judge which will be announce date, time and place later at https://www.facebook.com/pg/WKF.Wise/posts/
  • The result of contest will be announce within October 30, 2560.
  • The winning of contest (5 workings) will co-exhibited at "Engineering Expo 2017" www.engineeringexpo.com, during 16-18 November 2560 at Exhibition Center BITEC Bangna.
  • Awards ceremony will be held up on November 18, 2560 at the "Engineering Expo 2017" exhibition.

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